About Our Office


Beauty can be hard to describe, but it is recognizable. When we look at a beautiful smile there are cues and indicators that the eye sees and mind perceives such as color and shape that indicate natural beauty. With this respect and admiration of beauty, our office works to create restorations that replicate the nature of healthy teeth and gums for each unique smile. Our restorations are custom designed for you. The quality control in our on-site laboratory assures the materials used are of the highest quality and safe for your mouth.


We are committed to using the most advanced dental therapies for our patients’ benefit. Over the course of four decades of our prosthodontic practice many fads and short lived ideas have passed. The doctors are committed to determining the very best methods and materials for each patient's case. Proven esthetic, biologic, and functional systems are employed to give the highest results.


Our in-house noncommercial dental laboratory is one of the aspects that make Barnett and Dyer Prosthodontic Group so unique. We take great pride in creating precise life-like restorations for our patients by combining the finest technology, artistry, and science. We work to incorporate your individual characteristics including your natural anatomy, esthetic desires and biological needs to create a customized outcome.  All of our doctors maintain their individual presence creating and advising their cases in our exclusive laboratory.

We use state-of-the art ceramic systems, high-level magnification, and multiple implant systems. From beautiful porcelain veneers to the most complex dental implant restorations, our team of dental technologists is dedicated to the best. As a patient at Barnett and Dyer Prosthodontic Group, you have exclusive access to this internationally recognized level of prosthodontic care.